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1. #1 Elizabeth Gilbert

#1 Elizabeth Gilbert

The best-selling author of Eat, Pray, Love (among many other great works) Elizabeth Gilbert talks to Michael about creative process - her own and others who have inspired her in this interview that covers some big topics, peppered with lots of laughs and that unmistakable Gilbert charm.

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2. #19 David Sedaris Part 1

#19 David Sedaris Part 1

NPR Humorist and Best-selling Author of "Me Talk Pretty One Day" and "When You Are Engulfed in Flames," author David Sedaris became a household name in his mid-thirties after public radio broadcast his iconic holiday story "SantaLand Diaries.” 20 years later he now tours the world, selling out venues full of loyal fans. In Part 1 of his interview, Michael talks to David about how he crafts his stories and how his career as a writer and performer became so successful.

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3. #5 Amy Schumer

#5 Amy Schumer

Michael sits down with his friend and fellow comedian, Amy Schumer to discuss her years trying to make it in stand-up, how she made her hit Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer, and her upcoming film with Judd Apatow, Train

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4. #20 David Sedaris Part 2

#20 David Sedaris Part 2

In Part 2 of Michael’s interview with Best-selling Author David Sedaris, they talk about growing up Sedaris and how his relationship with his father motivated him to be the writer he is today.

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5. #5 Kevin Smith

#5 Kevin Smith

Michael takes us into the world of the fascinating, profane, indie movie director, Kevin Smith, who helped change the world of movie-making with his first film, Clerks. For anyone who has had a dream and failed. And failed again. And again, this guy will make you want to get up and keep trying.

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6. #9 Miranda July

#9 Miranda July

Award-winning filmmaker, writer and multimedia artist, Miranda July seems to have dreams of conquering the world. Unlike most of us, she has wicked follow-through that demands the world's attention in the best way. Her unusual childhood has left her with a unique, and very funny outlook on the world.

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7. #2 Lin-Manuel Miranda

#2 Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the the Tony Award winning-lyricist who's musical In the Heights catapulted him on the Broadway scene at a very young age and is now taking his new hit, Hamilton, the hip-hop, pop, rap musical about the Founding Fathers , to Broadway after a sold out run at The Public Theatre. The two discuss his passion for hip-hop music, building a hit Broadway show, working with Neil Patrick Harris and how he was able to combine his love of musical theater and hip hop to successfully make a career out of doing what he loves.

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8. #46 Ira Glass

#46 Ira Glass

From NPR intern to the creator, host, and Executive Producer of This American Life, one of the most popular shows on public radio, Ira Glass talks about what goes into making his weekly program, his approach to being "the boss" and he shares memories about his work before This American Life. His legendary instincts about what makes great audio come into full play as he offers this show advice on how how to edit his interview.

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9. #48 Michael Lewis

#48 Michael Lewis

The bestselling author of The Blind Side, The Big Short, Moneyball and his newest, The Undoing Project, is known to be a master storyteller. He proves no different in this interview as he tells great stories about his years growing up in New Orleans and how that helped shape his world view and his approach to writing.

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10. #4 Bob Odenkirk

#4 Bob Odenkirk

Actor, comedian and author Bob Odenkirk talks about his professional journey starting as a brash young writer for Saturday Night Live, to working as one half of the HBO cult comedy series, Mr. Show with Bob and David, to becoming a break out star in the hit series, Breaking Bad which spawned his own hit series, Better Call Saul. Along the way Odenkirk realized an important lesson that sometimes being a bull in a china shop isn't always the best approach.

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11. #28 Jim Gaffigan

#28 Jim Gaffigan

In his early years as a comedian, Jim Gaffigan struggled to find his own comedic point of view. It took him years to figure out that his best work meant being comfortable as his clean self and having faith that funny is funny, even without profanity. Along with his writing partner, and wife, Jeanie, Gaffigan has become one of the most popular comedians working today.

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12. #13 Chris Hardwick

#13 Chris Hardwick

King of the nerds, Chris Harwick, sits down with Michael to explain how he figured out his life. The talk show host and CEO of Nerdist Industries got his start on the MTV game show Singled Out. After several years of abusing alcohol and not being able to pay his rent, Chris quit booze, stopped acting and decided to make a world out of the things he’s passionate about which organically led to a build-it-and-they-will-come multi million-dollar business.

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13. #12 Megan Mullally

#12 Megan Mullally

After barely paying her rent for years trying to make it as an actress, Megan Mullally hit the big time playing the wealthy, alcoholic socialite Karen Walker on the Emmy Award winning TV sitcom Will & Grace. Only a handful of actors get to experience what she has and her funny, warm thoughtful take on fame is inspirational.

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14. #45 Mary Roach

#45 Mary Roach

Michael sits down with the investigative journalist and bestselling author of Grunt, Stiff and Bonk for a humorous and insightful conversation about her unique research and writing process. While Roach does not possess a science degree, she has managed to establish herself as one of the country’s leading science writers tackling subjects that are taboo such as the history of research on copulation and the strange lives of our bodies postmortem.

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15. #42 Daniel Kahneman

#42 Daniel Kahneman

When Michael spoke to Five Thirty Eight's founder Nate Silver, he highly recommended Daniel Kahneman's groundbreaking book Thinking Fast and Slow. Now, Michael talks to Kahneman, the Nobel Prize-winning author and founder of behavioral economics, in a rare interview, in which he not only discusses his best-selling book, but also shares personal stories about growing up Jewish in Nazi-occupied Paris, his early years in the Psychology branch of the Israel Defense Forces and his fascinating research on decision making and happiness.

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16. About the Election...

About the Election...

A message from Michael about how he's been feeling since Nov 8th.

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17. #38 Tim Gunn

#38 Tim Gunn

The fashion therapist and Project Runway mentor chats with Michael about his journey from an art student to one of the most trusted names in the fashion world. In this deeply personal and heartfelt conversation Gunn opens up about his struggles with learning to be comfortable in his own skin and using his talent, creativity and passion for the arts to inspire others.

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18. #44 Sharon Horgan

#44 Sharon Horgan

The UK creator, writer and star of such BBC hits as Pulling and the current Catastrophe (also seen on Amazon) talks to Michael about realizing that she needed to create her own success and what her life is like now that she is working on two continents since her HBO show, Divorce starring Sarah Jessica Parker, has premiered.

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19. #43 Al Roker

#43 Al Roker

America's favorite weatherman talks to Michael about how he stumbled upon what became the career that he loves and would never give up, along with a frank conversation about his Today Show family and what that really means. In addition, the two chat about the upcoming election, covering the news on September 11 and how you can never stop pitching the next idea.

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20. #33 Dan Savage

#33 Dan Savage

America’s leading sex advice columnist known for his popular Savage Love column and podcast talks to Michael about how growing up a closeted gay person in a religious Catholic family prepared him for the job of letting people know they are normal, no matter what their sexual interests may be.

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